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EDVON-Educational Revolution

For those who have visited the incubation centre lately, EDVON - Educational Revolution and its small army of tech wizards had been clocking in hours to make robots.

Business Modelling Canvas - 13 July 2017

Dr Imran Khan imparted knowledge to CINETIC's entrepreneurs about the constituents of a business that really matter. Our entrepreneurs sure had plenty of questions to share with the Professor from IBA. 

She Loves Tech.

The Session organised in collaboration between CINETIC and CIRCLE, and managed by the power packed team of NED Entrepreneurship Society, saw an atmosphere of enthusiasm among the girls of NED.Browse through the captured moments, see the spectacle of our future leaders - Girls.

Continuing with our Startup Feature - ELCAP Technologies

Everyone's obviously irked with the power failure during this blistering heat coupled with the patience testing month of Ramadan. Power theft has a lot to do with that.

ELCAP Technologies is a startup with just the solution

CINETIC NEDUET is one of the strongest of supporters of female entrepreneurship

Having found mutual goals and ideals at end with CIRCLE, CINETIC and Circle are paving the way forward by collaborating together. To provide a platform that helps realise the dreams of many girls at NED..

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has become a fiercely contested turf. We facilitated our startups with an edge in this capability by organising a session on Digital Marketing know how.

The CEO of Digital Eggheads Mehdi KaramAli was honoured by CINETIC to deliver this session.

We couldn't be happier to see the attendance turn out from our startups, as well as from other students in NED.

The management of ORIC NED and CINETIC visited the European states of Belgium and England as a measure to further the advancement of technological progress through research, innovation and commercialisation.

The Director ORIC NEDUET accompanied by Manager CINETIC met with their European counterparts at Norwich Research Part (England) and at the European Commission (Belgium).

The meetings are a part of a plan to establish cooperative linkages between Europe and Pakistan where NEDUET students, faculty and startups would benefit from the international relationship.


A guest speaker session was organised by CINETIC for its startups. 

The invited guest, Mr Usman Saleem is the cofounder of - a renowned E-commerce website in Pakistan. Attending the interactive session were startups, entrepreneurs and those who wanted to connect and relate to what lay ahead of their entrepreneurial journey. It was a remarkable learning experience for all those in attendance at the CCEE Lecture Hall at NED.

How exams were on The Horizon in NED

Many of our incubatees have the zest and zeal to up the ante of their startup.On 25th March 2017 (That was a Saturday), we had the honour of having Mushawar Consulting conduct a session.Given how exams were on the horizon in NED, some startups were able to make it to the session.We hope these startups make the most of their learning, and have an interactive learning with other startups

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) conducted an awareness session on 24 March 2017 about 'Company Incorporation & Governing Laws. It was great to see officials from SECP educating CINETIC's startups as well as NED's students and faculty members.

Effective Team Building Practices

A highly engaging workshop organised by CINETIC conducted by Miss Bariya Faizan.

CINETIC's 2nd Batch of Startups participated in collaborative activities which demonstrated effective team building practices that would benefit them in business application.

Cleaner and Ggreener Environment

In support of having a cleaner and greener environment, Team CINETIC had a field day with K-Electric in securing Palm plans and some plant whose name we're still trying to figure out.

 CINETIC Startup Incubation Program 2nd Batch 

CINETIC 2nd SIP Elevator Pitch Session

The Highlight Reel to capture the magnificent moments of the day are out. See CINETIC through the lens of what is just the beginning of progress in the making. We found a bunch of great ideas pitched in by the startups. See them in the moment they presented it.

The respected judges were hosted by the honourable Vice Chancellor of NED UET in the evening. Vic interacted with the people who hailed from different professional backgrounds, and shared with them the insight of how far NEDUET has come, and how positively the University is growing on a massive scale with the contribution and support of the many partners, collaborators and alumni.

 ECON 2017 business competition

CINETIC NED was proud to participate with its startups at the ECON 2017 business competition organized by Institute of Business Management (IoBM).

The enthusiasm and competitiveness shown by our startups among the most competitive startups out there reaffirms our belief and commitment in CINETIC's mission.

Winter School

Cinetic - Business Incubation Center of Neduet and Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization - NED University's Winter School was the first of its kind. We had a series of courses taught by professionals to NED students, students from other Universities as well as professionals themselves. Each course was tailor designed for participants according to their expectations; regular feedback was part of the programme. We found both participants and the instructors in active and flexible interaction to deliver the best of knowledge. Explore some of the captured moments from our Winter School. Special mention: Wasiq Khan for his cooperation and support. Be sure to check out his Being Student Community, which is actively involved in services designed to benefit students.