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Book Cafe

Book cafe is initially an online book store, incubated at NED University. They provide each and every original book, stationary items, and customized book accessories. They offer cash on delivery services. They currently have a novel reading library based out of CINETIC building, where students can read, learn, do homework in a quiet, chilled environment. Students can buy books or take novels on rent. But if they want to read there they can sit and read without any cost. 


Wisible is a technology and manufacturing company, aiming to connect supply chains with technology. It offers dedicated Internet of Things platforms and devices to the commercial and industrial sectors for quicker, more efficient and more approachable connectivity with customers. It is developing a device named The Internet Beacon, which will be used as a proximity-based medium for sending information, advertisements, discounts, deals, mobile payment solutions, and updates to the Smartphone users in its vicinity. It has been operational since September 2016.

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CycleYaari is a smart and green transportation solution to cover long distances at the campus. CycleYaari operates through providing bikes on rental basis to university students and faculty. 

Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

Mobile Painter

“Now changing your wall color is as easy as you change clothes.”

Mobile Painter is a "spray paint" based machine that paints using a smartphone. It is highly portable and easy to use. This machine can paint a normal house in 3-4 hours, unlike manual painting that requires 1-2 weeks. It can even paint your selfies and picture on your wall, and as big as you want!

Customized Electronic Kits

The start-up aims to facilitate young Electronic engineers nationwide. It provides various types of customized electronic kits and electronic components and sensors at whole-sale rate, along with technical knowledge about all the components delivered. Different variants of Arduino starter kits, sensor kits and first year electronic kits are currently available. 

Being Student

Being Student is a technology inspired venture and is an initiative to bring about the much needed transformation in the field of education in Pakistan. We're a meaningful medium for students, parents and educators to connect with each other, to participate in forums, share the challenges & excitement of learning and teaching, and to be part of a community that leads the transformation of education. We believe that technology can play a vital role in developing and upgrading the education systems, content and procedures.

Customized Electronic Kits

OpenMic is a campus run venture that aims at fostering the culture of public dialogue and literary expression at the campus while following the concept of "learning beyond classrooms" to achieve social inclusion and to support students to voice change.



The idea behind this startup is to facilitate every citizen with high quality utility services through a single portal. The startup aims to become Pakistan’s first ever online utility service provider that provides a complete arsenal of home services 24/7 at low cost. Cares is focussed on eradicating the hassle of dealing with workers by becoming the service provider available on a single call.

Bend the Trend

A website which will involve portal system and would provide every middle price product's marketer a platform to sell his product while giving us our share for giving him this platform and saving his expenses of marketing his product and other expenses too.

Robotics World

Robotics-World aims to inspire minds by building a passion for creation and innovation in them. The STEM Education and Robotics focused company is on a mission to on evolve technological advancement in Pakistan. Their team is providing facilities in the Field of STEM Education and 3D printing to Educational Institutes and Industries to help them grow and advance effectively.


The main motive is to provide their potential customers with a one-stop solution to a broad range of their needs. The customers will be able to design their own customised product (for example household or office furniture) and place orders online. They will be assisted during the entire process by means of 'supplier recommendations'.


They have a novel design pertaining to a washing machine which can be used to wash very low to high washing loads with minimum use of washing liquor. The design also allows less aggressive washing of delicate articles.


Provide sustainable energy solutions for homes and industries .


XMart Shoe or Smart Shoe is nothing but a simple and magic shoe through which one can easily calculate how much calories he/she has burnt while running, jogging or walking. It will also provide a way to charge your electronic devices.

ELCAP Technologies

This product will prevent electricity from being stolen and at the same time inform the authorities about the dishonest customer.


LPG Recovery From Refinery Off Gases

In refinery some waste gases are flared off which are converted to CO2 and H2O. These gases contain some amount of LPG in them. Our project aims at the recovery of these LPG contents which may give a recovery up to 200 barrels per day. The project's capital cost is nearly 10 million rupees which will be recovered within 3 years.

Dost Bazar

Dost Bazar is an online solution that brings easy and smart shopping experience to their customers all over the Pakistan. After choosing the suitable product of any store they can place their order at the same time. Complete monitoring on customer’s order will be provided to customer as well as to the respective stores until it reaches to its final destination. Customer can also search their product in the nearby stores and will find all the stores of their locality offering the desired product at their own rates and discounts if any.