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Program Overview

CINETIC's Startup Incubation Program (SIP) is structured to help address tactical needs identified through the strategy sessions or through other informal interactions. Startups receive regular education and networking programs. The shared needs identified among incubator clients are addressed. This provides a built-in network of support among like minded peers. We achieve the objectives through the facilities we provide:

Resources & Infrastructure

Networking Opportunities

Training & Development

Access to Investors

Legal & Financial Guidance

Mentoring Support

Access to Laboratories

Prototype Development 

Program Stages


Build and market a prototype/ test model.
Duration: 2 Months


Organize team and resources and structure
a workable business model.
Duration: 2 months


Commence operations and business activities.
Duration: 2 months


Post-launch assessment of business model
for optimization.

Program Structure

CINETIC's mentors and faculty work with you to sharpen your venture. We spend about a tenth of our time working on the larger picture of the startup through:
Opportunity Recognition
Idea Opportunity Fitment
Idea Market Recognition
Intellectual Property

This is a rapid phase of planning out the venture. CINETIC keeps reviewing and re-adjusting the plan through structured meetings and workshop sessions: 
Business Strategy
Business Model Design
Business PLan

In this critical stage, you build a quick and simple product, which is taken to customers and users, and then CINETIC helps you iterate it. This stage includes:
Product Market Test
Seed Funding
Shared Services

As startups come to grip in understanding the needs of the market they are penetrating, key coaching is giving for:
Business Development
Market Entry Strategy
Interfacing with SBUs
Scaling Up
Financial Advisory

This is when you launch your product or service to cater to various customers. 

Startup Incubation Program's graduation takes place when the venture achieves a level of financial and venture growth that enables them to leave the incubator and enter the second stage of venture development. This should ideally happen in six months. In a few cases, CINETIC is open to extending
the incubation period. 

Some of the key takeaways are:

  • Workshops on Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Workshops on Legal Issues (Company Registration, Contracts, Patents etc.)
  • Workshops Fund Management: Generating Funds, Working Capital Finance, Dividing Equity
  • Product Development and Setting-up Operations (Distribution Channels, Customers’ Needs Analysis, Resources)
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions
  • Rapid Product Development Road Map
  • Tracking Product Prototyping and Development
  • Venture Development Road Map
  • Tracking Venture Development
  • Business Development Road Map - Customer Segments and Targeting
  • Tracking Business Development
  • Venture Financing Strategy
  • Elevator Pitch and Discussions with Investors
  • Negotiate and Sign Term Sheet
  • Participate in Day-to-Day Tactical Meetings

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Technology based, commercially viable idea
  •  A self-motivated and dynamic team of 3 to 5 members (at least one full time member)
  • Must possess entrepreneurial spirit

Evaluation Criteria

  • Test Based Evaluations
    In test based evaluations students will be checked upon soft and hard aspects of the program i.e on workshop and start up activities.
  • Mentor Based Evaluations 
    Incubatees need to be evaluated from their mentors per 3 months of the program.

Exit Criteria

  • Operate as a separate entity
  • Merger /Acquisition with any stablished entity
  • Continue in CINETIC's Accelerator Program
  • Suspension of operations

Terms & Conditions

  • ORIC will receive 5% of equity in realization of provision of mentoring, training and counselling facilities to start ups at the end of incubation cycle once the startup is profitable and earning upto PKR 20,000.
  • Only for campus companies, IF the startup uses NED University’s utilities such as laboratories, lecture halls and other resources then they will be liable to pay 15% of the revenue as per HEC rules. 
  • If any startup fails to earn profits after the end of 6 months of incubation, they will be bound to choose any one of the following:
                    • Works as a separate entity
                    • Merger /Acquisition with any stablished entity
                    • Continue in CINETIC's Accelerator program
                    • Suspension of Operations
  • Degree will not be sanctioned from university until, every member of startup receive clearance from ORIC, after graduation.
  • 75% attendance (Theory and Practical Activities of CINETIC) and compliances of rules and regulations will be required for clearance from ORIC.