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Campus Companies


OpenMic is a campus run venture that aims at fostering the culture of public dialogue and literary expression at the campus while following the concept of "learning beyong classrooms" to achieve social inclusion  and to support students to voice change.


CycleYaari is a smart and green transportation solution to cover long distances at the campus. CycleYaari operates through providing bikes on rental basis to university students and faculty.


DIYNED Club aims at instilling a skill set of analytical approach related to practical and non academic problems encountered by students. DIY (Do It Yourself) is a very flexible methodology with diverse applications for building innovations from scratch.  DIYNED Club also provides project services, which range from helping students in discovering the required resources in the market to managing project finances, with the sole aim of engaging more students in practical side of life.

Being Student

The aim of BS NED Chapter would be to promote economic prosperity and foster the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems through various campus activities.

The Book Cafe

Book cafe is initially an online book store, incubated at NED University. They provide each and every original book, stationary items, and customized book accessories. They offer cash on delivery services. They currently have a novel reading library based out of CINETIC building, where students can read, learn, do homework in a quiet, chilled environment. Students can buy books or take novels on rent. But if they want to read there they can sit and read without any cost.


EDVON aims at bridging the gap between theoretical and practical learning as early as school level and make science fun and effective. This is our investment in the future generation to give them a deep sense of learning and technical expertise. To achieve this cause, EDVON designs interactive software and educational robots for schools, colleges and university. We provide teachers training with cloud based course material & tutorials. We want to nurture an environment of Research & Development in educational institutes which could be profoundly utilized by our local industries. Creating a channel from academic level where students and industries could collaborate with each other for better society and real time industrial needs.